Thinking about getting a fire pit for your home but wondering if you will get as much use out of it as you’d like? Welcome to the blog that will set those worries at ease and show you how to make the best out of your fire pit – a great addition to your Irish garden all year round.

Let’s start with the most obvious, those glorious summer months where for what seems like an eternity, we get those beautiful sunny days. This really is where the fire pit shines and here are our top 3 uses for it during spring and summer. 

Outdoor Cooking & Dining 

One of the best uses for a fire pit in Ireland is cooking. It’s as good as it gets when it comes to imparting flavour and texture to your food for that authentic BBQ taste. In addition, you can sit around the fire pit, entertain and enjoy your beautiful garden well into the late evening thanks to the warmth provided by the open flame. 

Camp Fire

Even if you don’t live in the wilderness, a campfire pit is a brilliant way to create magic for your family without leaving your backyard. Toast marshmallows, tell spooky stories, and let your imaginations run wild. Take full advantage of the glorious light that flows from a fire pit and make memories that will last a lifetime. Oh, and the fire repels those pesky midges. 

Centrepiece for Social Occasions

A fire pit doesn’t need a special occasion to be lit, it’s yours to snuggle up in front of every day of the week, but if you are hosting a garden party, birthday, or a special gathering, it’s the perfect centrepiece. Whether you just want to watch the flame, or use it to cook a special treat for your guests, a fire pit does the trick, and remember they use natural wood meaning a wonderful scent, better than any gas fire pit in Ireland. 

Other Uses for a Fire Pit in Ireland

Spring and summer have come and gone and as the leaves turn golden and we slip into a slumbering autumn, there is still much that can be done with an outdoor firepit in Ireland. Halloween parties, bonfire nights, are the ultimate fire pit events and as we graduate into winter, the fun can surely continue. Remember, food tastes just as good over the BBQ in November as it does in August. 

Not feeling the winter toasted marshmallow vibes? We get it. But did you know that fire pit ashes are also a great fertiliser? For all you garden enthusiasts out there, getting a fire pit can actually enrich your soil. Packed full of potassium, you can nurture your plants throughout winter and enjoy an even more colourful bloom in the months that follow.

No matter the season, a fire pit is a lasting investment that will make any day better. Whether you watch it glow from your window on a crisp dark night, or dance around the flames until your feet hurt, a fire pit puts the heart into many-a-home. 

Want to look at your options? At Fire Pits and Pieces we offer a range of custom and ready-to-order fire pits. Whatever shape, size, or personalisation you want, we can deliver. Take a look at our online store or feel free to get in touch with any questions. 

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